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    Hi dear, my name is Julia, and I’m Certified Life Coach for Women. I have a passion for helping women overcome self-doubt and achieve their full potential. Through a combination of mindset work and mindfulness practices, I’ll help you build confidence, cultivate self-love, and overcome your inner critic. My goal is to help you embrace your unique strengths and values, and create a life that feels authentic and fulfilling to you. I’m here to support you every step of the way, and can’t wait to help you unlock your true potential!


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      1:1 sessions * 1 month * 4 sessions * $400 * Support between sessions


      1:1 Sessions * 3 Month * 12 sessions * $1000 * Save $200 *Support between sessions


      1:1 Sessions * Half-day Intensive * 4 hours=4 sessions * $300 * Save $100


      Happy Clients

      Words from my Clients

      Working with Julia was essential in removing a block that was holding me back. She was able to help me identify and remove the block allowing me to move forward. Through her guidance and expertise, she provided me with the tools  I needed to unlock my potential and create lasting change. Julia is warm and compassionate and truly wants the best for her clients.

      I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her 

      and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their life. 

      Thank you, Julia!

      Sandrine Ferst

      Julia is a truly amazing life coach !

      She is very empathic and professional. 

      Julia helped me unlock my inner wisdom and open up to my AUTHENTIC SELF to enjoy my life to the fullest ! 

      My sessions with her helped me move forward with life with inner courage, strength and clarity !!!

      Katsia Uselionak

      Julia is one of the most compassionate, intelligent and helpful people I have met from our Coaching class.  Her drive to help people is evident as she listens carefully and asks just the right questions to make me think and explore outside my comfort zone.  Through her caring and positive approach she will be able to help with many life issues.  She helped me work thru many different problems life throws at us all. 

      Jana Wood

      I am really thankful for my time with Julia, not only was I able to find myself and my confidence again, I was able to do so in an environment of safety and understanding.
      Being able to talk openly and without reservation did wonders for me. Once again, Thank you for helping me understand myself better.

      Alexandre Mazzoni

      Working with coach is a new experience for me, so after month of sessions, I may say that it definitely worth it. 

      Julia is incredibly empathetic person. I came to her, because I had really challenging life circumstances and wanted some advice on what to do. She taught me how to make right for me decisions by myself. Julia is carefully listen to you and in a form of dialogue, by asking questions you came to the realization. I feel a lot stronger and I’m on my way to grow my self esteem. Finally I’ve learnt to hear my inner voice and care about my feelings.

      Maryna Artunian

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